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We are passionate about solving
problems and improving business
processes through technology.

Integrated Thinking. It’s how we work. It’s why we deliver.

At the heart of our approach is aligning technology with business objectives. We will work with you to gain a deep understanding of your short and long term objectives. We then apply our proven methodologies to develop a solution that best meets your needs.
Our experienced, knowledgeable team are here to guide you every step of the way.

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  • Extending enterprise to mobile. Our experienced team can help you seamlessly integrate mobile into your technology environment.
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Our Work

  1. Large Workday Integration

    Solution architecture and delivery for the integration of Workday at a large Australian mining company which included two payroll systems, one recruitment system and an employee portal.

  2. Cabin Crew Mobile Solution

    Implemented our proprietary cabin and ground crew mobile solution Jetstream as 'RED' to over 1,000 Qantas users across domestic and international flights.

  3. API Integration Strategy

    Solution architecture and implementation roadmap for a major University to transition from point-to-point integrations to a centralised API integration platform.

  4. Payment Gateway Solution

    Design and development of a PCI compliant payment gateway for a major airline. The solution is used across multiple products and integrated with backend systems via MuleSoft Anypoint Platform.

  5. Information Exchange Platform

    Design and development of an information exchange platform to streamline data sharing between the agencies that participate in the Queensland Disaster Management Arrangement.

  6. Travel Booking Solution

    Design and development of a travel booking solution that allows our Client's corporate customers to request, approve and manage their own travel according to their specific policies and budgets.

Latest Blog Posts

Raising a Guide Dog

One way which Guide Dogs Queensland provides support is through their Guide Dogs mobility program. A Guide Dog is trained to guide their blind or vision impaired handler in a given direction, avoiding obstacles along the way. The Guide Dog and their handler become a true partnership which provides a unique, safe and effective way of getting about independently. Our CEO’s wife, Natalie Robertson, has recently become a volunteer Puppy Raiser. In this blog she discusses her experience so far and provides some insight into what is involved with raising a guide dog.

Decomposing Monolithic Applications using Separation of Concerns

Separation of Concerns is one of the key principles of software architecture that makes it easier to design, build and maintain scalable applications. In practice, it means that each piece of software has a single, clearly defined role that is distinct from another piece of the system. If that role cannot be defined in one or two words, then it is time to refactor.

By applying this principle at every level of the system we can turn old monoliths into a collection of services that are much easier to understand and maintain and therefore reduce the total cost of ownership over their lifetime. Couple this with a faster turnaround time for feature requests and the application becomes much more responsive to customer needs. In this blog I’m going to outline how to apply the Separation of Concerns to a monolithic application.

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