• Cabin Crew Mobile: Design, development and management of a mobile application for frontline airline staff to access current passenger data, perform operational reporting and communicate with head office.
  • Freight Booking Application: Design and development of a web application (microservices architecture) to enable passengers to book travel for their pets via a self-service portal.
  • Frequent Flyer Upgrade: Solution architecture and development of a frequent flyer upgrade solution with a high number of integration points (approximately 30 web services), flexibility to change business rules and high availability.

Construction, Infrastructure and Real estate

  • Integration Strategy & Architecture: Validating the business needs and objectives and undertaking technology assessment and recommendations.


  • API Integration Strategy: Provide strategic guidance and implementation services to transition from point to-point integrations to a centralised API integration platform.
  • Student Lifecycle Application: Design and development of a web application to record and report on student attendance, event participation and community engagement.
  • Integration Management Office: To enable cloud and externally hosted services, produced integration maturity assessment and technology roadmap.
  • Business Process Digitisation: Solution architecture and implementation of a BPM solution to digitise 400+ manual processes

Emergency Services

  • SES Mobile Solution: Public mobile app for iOS, Android, web technologies and call centre application.
  • Ambulance Mobile Solution: Patient Care Mobile Solution to enable paramedics on-scene data capture and information transfer to hospitals.

Finance Services

  • Digital Strategy & Architecture: Preparing a digital strategy roadmap to enable advanced customer engagement
  • Integration Lifecycle Setup: Set up the integration lifecycle and implement the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform in addition to design and development of the first iteration of APls and flows.
  • API Integration Platform: Implement the Axway API Gateway to enable integration of Salesforce with internal systems and services to be exposed to third party partners securely.


  • Contract Approval Solution: Form digitisation, approval workflow, and business process design.
  • Budget Transaction User Portal Solution: Updating internal application for budget and treasury upload approval portal. Java/BPM development providing a more efficient approval process, workflows and reporting.
  • Ambulance Care Mobile: Solution architecture, delivery and management of a Patient Care Mobile Solution that enables paramedics to capture patient data on-scene and transfer information to hospitals.


  • Application Development: Design and development of a student information management system that improves reporting and delivers better student engagement.

Public Sector

  • Environmental Data Management Solution: Whole-of-Government web-based solution for environmental data collection, analysis, planning and reporting.

Science and Technology

  • Carbon and Environmental Data Management Software: Whole-of-Government web-based solution for environmental data collection, analysis, planning and reporting.


  • Mobile and Web Application: Design and build UI/UX components for multiple mobile and web application modules for safety/registration checks, infringement notices, training and reporting purposes.