Getting a product or software to market is no easy feat. The successful delivery of software can be hindered by any number of factors between the workflows and responsibilities of development and operational teams. These challenges can be eased, however, by choosing the right partners and technology in your product release journey.

Leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) DevOps tools and practices can dramatically improve the speed and reliability of taking products to market by ensuring proper security, tooling, and automation. AWS DevOps simplifies the provisioning and management of infrastructure, deploying application code, automating software release processes, and also monitoring the performance of your application and infrastructure.

Confident Innovation with DevOps

The comprehensive testing, development, security, and operational processes of sending a product to market often demand heavy user involvement when using traditional software. Furthermore, there are large risks in human error that can set back production releases or cause other concerns. AWS DevOps is a new solution to this problem. Backed by toolsets that enable a high degree of automation around governance, AWS DevOps can be programmed to automatically apply essential factors for production release. This allows for higher levels of confidence and lowers the risks associated with releasing new software.

Learn how DevOps can help to build Agile Confidence, too. Agile DevOps results in:

  • Greater business/IT alignment
  • Improved functional quality
  • Faster business value
  • Continuous delivery
  • Greater predictability of results

Benefits of AWS DevOps

The programmable nature of AWS infrastructure allows you to implement various automation practices such as infrastructure as code (IaC) and configuration management, to ensure your computing resources are elastic and responsive to frequent changes. Imbedded performance monitoring can also increase your agility by allowing engineers to react to problems quickly and effectively.

AWS DevOps Establishment

It’s important that you establish early on that your infrastructure is as secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient as possible. At Intelligent Pathways we architect, design, and implement cloud infrastructures leveraging AWS and DevOps practices to ensure that your business can rapidly and reliably build and deliver software and products.

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