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Posted on 5 September, 2014 by Umeshkumar Ramu

Leveraging SOA to Streamline Payroll and General Ledger Integration

It is very common for enterprise organisations to have more than one ERP package, multiple domain specialised software products and/or custom built solutions in their technology environment. These applications can’t function in isolation; they need to be integrated to meet business requirements.

The IT department of these organisations face a difficult task in not only integrating multiple systems but also keeping on top of the constant updates in the data models of their applications.

Posted on 1 September, 2014 by Kevin Henshall & Riaan Ingram

SOA Environment Reference Deployment Approaches

When developing Oracle SOA Suite 11g composites, the development is usually performed against a single environment.

During development in JDeveloper, several files (such as composite.xml) can become polluted with references to the target development environment. When it comes time to deploy such a composite to another environment (such as test), there is a need to somehow replace these external service references to the development environment (or mock setup) so that they refer to a new environment.