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Posted on 28 September, 2017 by Riaan Ingram

Microservices and Traditional System Integration

With the arrival of microservices, the lines between systems integration and applications are becoming increasingly blurred. Previously, a traditional enterprise application as a single big monolith would perhaps make some network calls to an integration layer to connect with other external single monolithic applications. These days a microservices approach advocates having intelligent APIs and building microservices just be big enough “to fit in your head”. This leads to many more integration points in a traditional business application between microservices, certainly more than what we encountered in a traditional enterprise systems integration.

Posted on 30 June, 2017 by Vijay Kalidindi

The Challenges of Managing Stakeholder Alignment for Application Success

One of the recurring challenges we see in software development is getting stakeholders, developers and project members in different areas of the business to agree the business objectives and priorities for an application. In this blog, I am going to share some of the common strategies we adopt to manage alignment amongst stakeholders to ensure application success.

Posted on 2 March, 2016 by Brett Parslow

5 Recommendations for Delivering Mobile Applications with True Value

“Enterprises have realised that to deliver true value from their mobility initiatives they must mobilize their internal operations and customer interactions” IDC

The mobility market is maturing and it is no longer enough to simply have a mobile app to be ahead of your competitors. To create significant advantage, you need to develop mobile solutions that make it easier for your employees to do their job - whether that be giving them the information they need to service customers better, reducing paperwork or enabling them to complete internal tasks on the run.

In this blog I’m going to share with you my top five recommendations to ensure your mobile application delivers true value for your business.

Posted on 21 October, 2015 by Craig Parravicini

Choosing the Right Mobile Application Development Platform

The breakout launch of the Apple iPhone heralded a new era of popular mobile computing. With the launch of Android, mobile phones came to be dominated by software platforms, and the pervasion of networked smart phones and tablets in our society is now almost complete. Apple, Google and Microsoft vie for our imaginations with diminishing innovation to differentiate them, so that the choice of mobile platform is now as electable as one’s politics or football team.

So how do you choose the right platform for your business when much of the complexity is hidden from view? For those embarking on a mobile development, I’ll explore the immediate question of which (if not all) to target, and what might be the most effective way to do so.