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Kappy Prasad – Senior Cloud Engineer

When he’s not flying drones, Senior Cloud Engineer Kappy is busy keeping Intelligent Pathways running smoothly in the cloud☁️ 🖥️. . We asked him a few questions, check them out below!

1. What app or gadget could you not live without?
My iPhone, my Bose noise-cancelling headphones, and my Fitbit.

2. How do you spend your time outside of work?
Gym, dining out, cooking, flying my drone and capturing amazing sceneries

3. What are the next technology advances you think will make an impact?
Cryptocurrency & Blockchain adaptation, Electric Vehicles, Artificial Intelligence.

4. Biggest learning you’ve had in the past 12 months (project or technical)?
I have worked on a critical database migration project to Aurora – with little database administration background I had to ramp up my skillset into being a database administrator.

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