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Event Driven Integration

A Queensland University wanted to improve the quality, accessibility and usability of their electronic administration system by it integrating it with their back end legacy systems. Utilising SOA, Intelligent Pathways developed an event driven solution that delivers real time integration.

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The Client wanted to improve the quality, accessibility and usability of their electronic administration system as well as streamline the application process for prospective students. To achieve these objectives, the University needed to automate business processes that spanned multiple systems using real time integration. Intelligent Pathways was engaged to map out a business information model and a set of integration scenarios based on the student lifecycle. The University subsequently engaged Intelligent Pathways to custom build a real time, event driven integrated solution.

Intelligent Pathways Solution

There were two components to the Intelligent Pathways solution: 1. Using the principles of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Intelligent Pathways built a repository of services and integration scenarios derived from the Client’s business information model and student lifecycle. This repository enables all of the University’s technology systems (current and future) to integrate with each other. 2. An event publishing engine that captures changes to data in the core student system as it happens, and publishes the data in real time to all other relevant systems via integration scenarios.

The result is one of the largest and most complex set of integration solutions in an Australian University, with the integration of 8 systems, 30 end points and 32 integration processes.

Solution in action

Student Registration

When a new student is registered in the core student system, the event publishing engine captures their details and automatically publishes it to all other relevant systems. This minimises error, reduces administration and greatly improves the speed of registration for new students.


Student fines and overdue fees are recorded in real time which ensures sanctions can be raised immediately. This encourages students to resolve payment issues more quickly as well reducing the administrative burden on staff.

Key Benefits

The Client’s students and staff have a dramatically improved electronic administration system. There are more system features available and updates and changes are visible immediately. For example, students are now able to manage their class enrolments in real time and have faster access to their results.

The University’s admissions process has also been optimised with the solution. New applications are processed more efficiently and a new student’s time to admission has been significantly reduced.

Finally, the University benefits greatly from the shared service repository derived from SOA design principles. The integrated systems enable faster time to delivery for new projects and greater flexibility for growth and changing business requirements.


Oracle Fusion Middleware 10g, Oracle ODI, Oracle Portal, Oracle 11g RAC, Bespoke J2EE applications, J2EE and .Net Endpoint Systems