Cloud Enablement / Application Development
Digital Services enabled by Cloud Platform

Client Overview

The Client is a leading air freight carrier providing pet transport, baggage & shipping services.

Engagement Driver

The Client was experiencing a high number of calls to their customer call centre due to the complexity of booking speciality products (such as pets and high security) via their website. Intelligent Pathways was engaged to provide strategic guidance on transitioning to a technology platform that would improve customer experience and support business growth.


Intelligent Pathways proposed an API-first strategy enabled by a cloud platform to streamline data sharing with high value business customers and speed up time-to-market of new products and functionality. 

Intelligent Pathways was then further engaged to build the cloud platform from the ground up and launch the first product to book pet transfers, which was previously responsible for 80% of the customer enquiries at the call centre. We set up the cloud infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and performed the penetration testing and security assessment based on ISO27001 standards to ensure the platform and digital assets were compliant to enterprise security standards. We then created a CICD (Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment) framework to automate DevOps utilising: 

  • Git for code repository
  • Bamboo for continuous integration
  • Cloudformation Templates, Cloudwatch, AWS Schedulers for infrastructure management
  • Puppet for infrastructure orchestration
  • Splunk & New Relic for operational intelligence

Intelligent Pathways designed and developed a web application deployed via this infrastructure to enable passengers to book travel for their pets, via a self-service portal. The solution has a microservices architecture and is integrated with the client’s booking system via a RESTful API. 

Core Technologies:

Java, Web, AWS


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