Air Tahiti Nui
Cabin Crew Mobile Solution

Air Tahiti Nui selected Intelligent Pathways application Jetstream (rebranded as ENGAGE) as a solution for flight attendants to personalise and improve customer experience, and for better operational reporting and communication. The application was deployed seamlessly into an AWS Availability Zone to suit business requirements, and integrated with the departure control service and ATN Active Directory.

‘We selected ENGAGE for its ease of use and comprehensive feature set. We also found the ENGAGE team to be very responsive and ready to accommodate our development and commercial needs.’

~ Eric Delcuvellerie, Cabin Crew Department Manager, Air Tahiti Nui


Air Tahiti Nui (ATN) wanted to improve communication between Flight Attendants and the different departments on the ground to ensure operational follow up and improve customer services. They also wanted to reduce paper and make the flight reporting process easier for their crew.


ATN selected Jetstream (branded ENGAGE by our reseller digEcor) for their Flight Attendant tablet. ENGAGE is leveraged by ATN Flight Attendants pre-flight for crew briefing, task assignment and door positioning. In-flight they use ENGAGE Forms for their operational reporting and the ENGAGE Cabin features to quickly identify passengers, gather information on passenger preferences and to manage special needs, meals and seat changes. ENGAGE is also used to access flight related documentation ranging from inflight service to air transport regulations.


The early benefits of ENGAGE to Air Tahiti Nui’s business are largely coming from the efficiencies they have gained around their operational reporting. The time taken to process data from their Flight Report has reduced from up to 6 days to hours, minutes or in some cases instantly. This is giving ATN a tremendous gain in reactivity in every domain of their business including safety, security, customer complaints, maintenance and catering.

ATN Flight Attendants are finding the solution very instinctive and say the solution is helping them to deliver better and more personalized service to their customers. One of ATN’s Chief Purser’s recalled a recent example where “ENGAGE was indicating that it was one of our passengers’ birthday. We brought her a glass of champagne and a pastry from Business Class and wished her a happy birthday. She was surprised and genuinely moved. She thanked us and said it was the first time she couldn’t celebrate her birthday with family and that this simple gesture on our part made her feel better and less sad to be away from home.”

ENGAGE was deployed seamlessly into an AWS Availability Zone that best supports their operational and governance requirements.


System Integrations

Amadeus Departure Control Service, ATN Active Directory

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