Process Automation
Automation of Daily Closedown Reports

Client Overview

The Client is a leading provider of specific facilities management services across Australia, specialising in fire and security services.

Engagement Summary

The Client provides call out services to their customer base. To validate job completion and approve payment most of their contracts have a requirement that the jobs are entered into the customers’ own systems. This was taking 5+ minutes to run the job plus an additional 5 minutes per job to complete. The Client wanted to automate this manual process to save time and improve efficiency.

Intelligent Pathways Value

Intelligent Pathways was engaged to automate this process using RPA (Robotic Process Automation). The solution leverages the UiPath Connector for Dynamics 365 and browser automation for the CityFM portal and is based on the Robotic Enterprise Framework (REF).


The time to close a job has reduced from 10+ minutes to approximately 30 seconds, most of which is waiting for the CityFM portal to load the required pages. As the solution is based on the REF it automatically handles any errors and generates screenshots of the current state at the time of error. The solution was also enhanced to email a summary report at the end of the process, providing an overview of the days used to close each job and the status and, if applicable, failure details.


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