Intelligent Pathways provides end-to-end enterprise application development services. A fit-for-purpose enterprise application can improve operational efficiency and help create competitive advantage by streamlining the movement of data across your organisation, reducing manual processes and providing employees with greater flexibility on when and where they perform tasks and activities.

Intelligent Pathways Value

enterprise application development

Intelligent Pathways brings a tried and tested custom application development methodology to the table, along with a deep understanding of how to combine data from multiple systems to drive efficiency. We have experience integrating custom built enterprise applications with a range of core business systems including:

  • Finance
  • Human Capital Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Ecommerce
  • Business Intelligence

Benefits of Enterprise Application Development

One of the most significant benefits of developing an enterprise application is that it minimises the need for multiple different programs. Regardless of which department the data is generated by, it can be compiled onto a single interface to allow employees better access to, and management of important information.

Making your enterprise application available via a mobile device can also dramatically  improve productivity, lower costs,  and allow greater visibility and control of business services. Some of the key benefits we have seen from enterprise mobile applications include:

1. Increased Worker Productivity

Enterprise mobile applications increase worker productivity by enabling them to complete tasks anywhere, at any time. Activities such as submitting a sales order directly from a client site in real time, closing out reports without having to re-enter data captured in the field into a system back at the office and approving employee leave and timesheets on the go have a big impact on your organisation’s overall efficiency.

2. Visibility

For the many companies that have workers in the field, rather than in the office, smart applications can provide real-time insights and data to the worker and back to the enterprise in a cycle which drives business intelligence.

3. Create New Opportunities

New business opportunities can be identified and responded to much faster with an enterprise application. These opportunities could come in the form of market shifts, supply chain issues, reputation management issues and more.

To find out how to maximise this value, read our blog, 5 Recommendations for Delivering Mobile Applications with True Value.

Security is Paramount

Security of the application, the data and the platform is paramount to its success. As custom applications rely on private company and customer data, the in-built security measures are extraordinarily important. Our development process protects this data by ensuring that the application is built with no weaknesses in the app or the cloud.

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Intelligent Pathways application development services always ensure the customer is central to the process. Our development standards incorporate the necessary approaches for information security, high performance, system reliability and intuitive user experience.

Furthermore, to ensure you get the most out of your custom application development, our systems integration pedigree ensures our applications are robust, scalable and ‘integration-ready’. Contact Intelligent Pathways to find out more about how enterprise application development can strengthen competitive advantage in your business.

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