Intelligent Pathways has a long history in the aviation sector. Our work is grounded in deep understanding of the highly reliable communication protocols required between airlines, airports and 3rd party consumers and contributors of passenger information. Understanding the key mechanisms of the Aviation Information Data Exchange (AIDX) protocol has proven key in delivering on a range of new revenue generating and customer experience initiatives that rely on reservation engines, codeshare relationships and passenger information.

We have learned that delivering new initiatives in complex legacy environments requires an innovation focus that elevates business outcomes, and an adaptive approach to the application of technology. Our work has reflected the need for airlines to extend their relationship with customers beyond the flight to their broader travel journey, whilst needing to pursue efficiency gains in a highly competitive trading environment.

We operate our own software product designed for cabin crew and have forged relationships with various airlines in the commercial, freight, and loyalty areas. 

To learn more about our work in the Aviation Industry, see our case studies below: