Intelligent Pathways has worked with government agencies in both long running process improvement activities and in the delivery of stand-alone and interdependent mission-critical applications. These projects typify the challenge that faces government – the delivery of efficient and seamless digitised interactions with citizens whilst also being able to execute comprehensive physical services in times of need and crisis.

Through our engagements with government agencies we have learned that process and outcome are equally important – there must be sufficient governance through projects to ensure ‘public monies’ derive value. Our delivery methodologies therefore reflect the need for structure and flexibility through adopting waterfall and agile principles. Government agencies also want to ensure that knowledge and expertise are maintained to service long running product lifecycles. Our robust support systems coupled with strong staff tenure ensure that our government clients can be confident in our long term partnering ability.

Governments must also be proactive in their actions to support and enable necessary societal change. We built and operate an environmental data management solution used by both government agencies and the private sector to support this purpose, leveraging our core understanding and expertise in data exchange.