Intelligent Pathways Microsoft Capabilities

Power BI

Intelligent Pathways work with a number of technologies in the Microsoft ecosystem to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients. Microsoft has been a cornerstone technology in Australian organisations for a long time. And now, their significant investment in maturing their cloud offerings is affording their clients tremendous accessibility to functionality and capability to support the achievement of digital strategy.  Intelligent Pathways advocates a technology ecosystem approach when architecting and delivering solutions; Microsoft’s open integration approach and product accessibility allows us to augment other large systems very effectively. 

Intelligent Pathways’ core competencies are in Enterprise Integration, Process Automation and Application Development, and we leverage the Microsoft stack where it best aligns with the clients’ needs and technology profiles.

Azure Integration Services 

Intelligent Pathways has a long history of integration excellence across many tools and platforms. In recent years we have seen the many benefits of using cloud vendor ecosystems like Microsoft Azure for integration solutions. These ecosystems provide all of the key features of integration platforms without the large upfront investment in time and costs, businesses only pay for what they use and they can build upon and/or scale their solution as their needs change. 

Intelligent Pathways bring our years of experience in integration best practices and combine them with Azure tooling to deliver enterprise grade integration solutions on the Microsoft platform. Our team bring skills and knowledge in:

  • Seamless integration in a Microsoft ecosystem (Active Directory, Office365, Dynamics, Power Platform)
  • Building for any scale from the get-go in a Microsoft cloud environment: deployment automation, performance, capacity
  • Reducing complexity and friction via appropriate interaction of a variety of patterns: DevOps, Event driven, Microservices, Agile, TDD, API-led, RPA.
  • Keeping integration costs low in a Microsoft Azure environment

Intelligent Pathways can architect and deliver Microsoft integrations as a standalone capability, or as part of an ecosystem of integration technologies that service a wide range of integration pattern requirements.

Power Platform

Intelligent Pathways utilises the Microsoft Power Platform for various services across application development, process automation and business intelligence. Microsoft’s holistic approach to automation tooling in the Power Platform aligns strongly with Intelligent Pathways’ way of working. Instead of working exclusively with one technology, we recommend and make use of different best-fit tools based on the needs of the use case and business environment. Microsoft’s Power Platform makes this possible with seamless integration between its various products. 

Intelligent Pathways offer services across the following Microsoft tooling: 

  • Power Automate desktop flows (RPA)
  • Power Automate cloud flows (no code, connector based automation)
  • Power Automate process advisor for identifying opportunities for process improvement
  • Power Apps (Low Code Application Development) for lightweight UI based business applications that may also utilise Power Automate for connectivity to additional resources for reuse across apps
  • Dataverse for data storage
  • Power BI service for data visualisation, data modelling and reporting
Power Automate 

We use both Power Automate desktop flows (RPA) and Power Automate cloud flows (no code, connector-based automation) across client projects. These tools offer the variety of skills needed to address a wide range of enterprise automation challenges, and are maturing rapidly (see our assessment of Power Automate for enterprise RPA here). We also make use of Power Automate Process Advisor for identifying opportunities for process improvement. Microsoft’s automation capabilities are recognised as market leading by several research firms such as Gartner & Forrester, and through our own tactical engagements we have validated that Microsoft technologies can be used to build enterprise standard, robust automation solutions that deliver excellent return on investment. . 

Power Apps 

Operating as a standalone tool or paired closely with Power Automate, is Microsoft’s low code application development service Power Apps. Intelligent Pathways has over a decade of experience in custom application development, and combined with the low code and time-saving factors of Power Apps can help organisations deliver reliable solutions at a rapid rate (see our top 5 use cases for Power Apps here). 

Power Apps can be utilised in conjunction with Power Automate and other Microsoft services to extend the breadth of processes that can be automated, collect and transfer data, and enable approval workflows. Integration within Microsoft services is seamless, making it easier and faster to build solutions that solve business problems holistically.

Power BI

Power BI is a market leading, low code platform that turns data from many sources into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights. Data visualisation is a core component of an organisation’s Data & Analytics capability, Intelligent Pathways leverages the Power BI tool to explore, understand, query and run reports on data that can be accessed by our client’s business users to draw insights and make decisions. The tool offers a host of advantages including role-based access control and native connectors into the Azure ecosystem.

Microsoft Experience/Insights


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