Riaan Ingram

Principal Consultant (Integration & Automation)

Riaan is a Principal Consultant with over 20+ years’ IT architecture, design and development experience. Riaan has a strong technical, hands on background and specialises in developing and integrating enterprise business solutions. Riaan has in depth knowledge of integration as well as cloud patterns & technologies and is an expert in the planning, design and implementation of API first, event driven, microservices, low/no code integration approaches.

Why do you like working for IP?

At IP we follow a business solution mindset first, not a code-first mindset. Top to bottom, IP also believes in the fundamentals of a microservices architecture approach (with roots in service-oriented architecture), and uses the latest cutting edge technologies and approaches to solve business problems. These approaches allow us to deliver great value to our clients and I love it when our clients value and appreciate our solutions to their challenges.

What is your way of working/quote?

Automate, automate, automate.” & “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

Most interesting project?

The current project I’m working on because we use great new approaches & patterns, new technologies and solve interesting new business challenges. Historically, a few will be remembered forever – when I built a churn prediction model for a international mobile telecommunications company, when I upgraded the company’s online site and as a result it became the busiest website on the continent, when I helped productionise an ambulance patient data capture mobile application, and when I built a B2B ordering & invoicing integration that carried billions in sales.