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Data Exchange

Want to improve data sharing across multiple entities?

Data Exchange facilitates the sharing of data from disparate proprietary systems by defining a common approach to structuring data.

Data Exchange is managed on a ‘publish and subscribe’ model where data always remains in the ‘ownership’ of its creator. The data owner (publisher) will negotiate with one or many subscribers an outcome whereby all or some of their data is made available to the Exchange environment. The data and information is secured using multiple levels of authentication. Data within the Exchange can be aggregated or presented to a subscriber based on their requirements. The Exchange can support all data formats, and through strict rules can ensure that quality of data is guaranteed to the subscribers.

Intelligent Pathways has been heavily involved in the establishment of Exchange Networks in multiple industries.


The Queensland Public Safety Business Agency (PSBA) engaged Intelligent Pathways to provide guidance on the application of data exchange as an approach to streamlining integration and information sharing between the agencies that participate in the Queensland Disaster Management Arrangement. Each agency uses a different event and task management system so sharing information has previously been a manual process. Intelligent Pathways worked with the IT team at PSBA to develop a reference architecture that defines a common approach to data sharing that is enabled by a secure Information Exchange Platform (IXP). Intelligent Pathways then developed the IXP and defined the schema that enables all system vendors to configure their systems for integration into the IXP.


Intelligent Pathways was commissioned in 2009 by the Victorian Government Department of Sustainability & Environment (DSE) to investigate Environmental Data Transfer Standards internationally. It explored the types and applicability of file transfer and data standards and the various risks and opportunities from such standards. It then identified best practice approach for the adoption and implementation of data exchange. The DSE later selected Intelligent Pathways out of a field of 30 suppliers to deliver an end-to-end Environmental Data Management System (EDMS) for the Whole of Victorian Government (WoVG) which utilises the environmental data exchange network to capture and standardise raw data from every point of the Government’s supply chain.


The Aviation Information Data Exchange (AIDX) is a protocol for the communication of relevant flight information between airlines, airports and air traffic authorities. Intelligent Pathways developed a publishing framework for this information between selected Australian airlines and airports. This has resulted in the efficient ‘publishing’ of critical plane take-off, landing and other flight information for consumption by relevant parties’ systems involved in the coordination of plane movements.