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SOA & Middleware

Make your organisation more agile for today’s changing business environment with SOA.

Point-to-point integration limits your organisation’s ability to be flexible in today’s constantly changing business environment. It results in slow development time, inefficient business processes and expensive maintenance costs.

Applying service-oriented principles identifies each system capability as a sharable IT asset that can be used by any application, thereby providing a much more efficient level of integration. Middleware solutions provide a platform to enable your SOA whilst leveraging your existing IT investments.

Intelligent Pathways uses a tried and proven methodology for SOA implementation. Fundamental to our approach is the use of industry standards to execute SOA and applying best practices and design principles to ensure consistency on every project.

Our experienced team will help you implement a total end-to-end SOA solution for your business, from discovery of your needs, definition of your SOA roadmap and implementation of your SOA solution. We will enable your organisation to take advantage of new business capabilities with process automation, orchestration and business process management using SOA.

SOA Training

Intelligent Pathways offer a range of training courses to help you succeed with SOA. We help you understand when to use SOA and how to get the most out of it. Benefit from our firsthand knowledge and experience by accessing course materials based on real world case studies.

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Case Studies

Event Driven Integration

A Queensland University wanted to improve the quality, accessibility and usability of their electronic administration system by it integrating it with their back end legacy systems. Utilising SOA, Intelligent Pathways developed an event driven solution that delivers real time integration.

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