Who Are We?
Intelligent Pathways solve problems and improve business processes through technology.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team are here to guide you through every step of the digital business enablement process.

As a medium enterprise, our size enables us to service our clients in an agile and responsive manner whilst having an organisational support structure that assures a robust and quality outcome. Intelligent Pathways focuses on building long-standing relationships with our clients and vendors so that we can work together to continuously identify new ways of overcoming challenges and find better ways of working. We believe in a collaborative approach to work that delivers pragmatic innovation and produces the best possible digital business enablement results for our clients. Fundamental to our methodology is creating sound alignment between business and technology.
Why Us

Our experienced and knowledgeable team are here to guide you every step of the way.

Trusted Advisor

Our focus is on providing an efficient and tailored solution for your business, rather than implementing a particular technology or approach.

Experienced Technical Experts

We have a formidable team of high-calibre technical professionals who consistently present and deliver solutions that align to business needs, and can apply their principles-based expertise to multiple technologies.

Fit-For-Purpose Solutions

We only deliver solutions that align with a business’ needs and priorities, technology landscape, and internal capability.

Pragmatic Thinking

Our architectural approach is agile, lightweight, and sees work delivered in logical stages.

Fast Time to Value

Outcomes are important, even in the early stages of a project. We structure our work to ensure tangible benefits can be delivered to an organisation early and frequently.

End-to-End Capability

We architect and design using our hands-on knowledge of how to deliver and support a solution. We constantly assess whether good design principles are being utilised in development and while maintaining a solution.

Higher Education

Digitising processes using API-led integration, Business Process Automation (BPA) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).


Cabin Crew Mobile Application, Freight, Loyalty and Airline sectors

Financial Services

Foundational integration and process automation to drive efficiency and competitive advantage.

Government & Emergency Services

Long-running process improvement activities and delivery of standalone mission-critical applications.

Construction and Property Services

Applying automation and artificial intelligence to operational workflows and decision-making processes.

Health & Care Services

Foundational technology capabilities and tailored solutions that support frontline staff to deliver personalised support to their clients.

Who we service?
Technical Solutions tailored to your industry.

At the heart of our approach is aligning technology with business objectives. We will work with you to gain a deep understanding of your short and long term objectives. We then apply our proven methodologies to develop a solution that best meets your needs.

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Be amongst good company

Integration Platform Design
Akash Sethi
Senior Business Analyst, Multicap

‘I think Intelligent Pathways have some of the smartest, most talented people in the sector that I’ve worked with. They also have very diverse experience with technologies, and that was something we needed at Multicap.’ 

Cloud Enablement and Application Development
Salih Mujcic
Talent Management Product Owner, Hudson

“Intelligent Pathways was incredible from the very outset. They were able to understand the product vision from our first conversation. Their technical knowledge and ability to partner in grounding that vision in core AWS services was outstanding. They are simply the best technical partner to advise, guide and help support our product strategy in using AWS.”

Digital Business Partner
Quinton Kopke
Project Manager, Qantas Freight Technology
“Intelligent Pathways are much more than a body shop: they bring process, rigour, experience and access to a multi-faceted team. They have helped us build an efficient machine that now delivers very predictably and at the lowest cost.” 
Application Development
Craig Brierty
Chief Operations Officer, Clontarf Foundation

“We wanted to work with an organisation that got what we’re about and really listened to what we needed. Right from the start [Intelligent Pathways] said ‘we want to be part of this’ – the relationship was important to them as well.”

Digital Business Strategy & Implementation
Richard Rerrie
Senior IT Manager, The University of Queensland

“We wanted to work with a partner who could share and apply experience from delivering many different solutions across multiple industries, but who was also willing to grow and learn with us. We found this in Intelligent Pathways.”

Digital Business Partner
Simon Hickey, Qantas
CEO Qantas International & Freight

“The future of our international business is much brighter with this partnership as part of our future.”

Process Automation Strategy
RPA Industry Leader
Commenting on Intelligent Pathways RPA work

“The UQ UiPath platform has been completed to a high standard and follows UiPath’s recommended approaches and the currently configured topologies will allow UQ to scale to be a large user of RPA before additional changes to the infrastructure and architecture are required. UQ’s established UiPath RPA platform in AWS will allow UQ to develop RPA solutions and integrate them into their existing automation sphere. Considerations around auto scaling, disaster recovery, code control, continuous integration and continuous deployment have been well thought out and executed to an enterprise grade. This will allow UQ to put their focus on developing processes and business solutions without incident.”


AWS Development Work
Trevor Pham
Head of Engineering, Job Accelerator Application, Hudson

“Intelligent Pathways’ in-depth knowledge of AWS serverless technology and Event-Driven Architecture, is the key success factor in delivering our SaaS Job Accelerator solution to over 500 Enterprise customers in APAC.”


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