Intelligent Pathways specialises in digital business enablement. 

We help organisations build the technology capabilities required to succeed in the modern economy. Intelligent pathways has a successful history of delivering large scale, mission-critical solutions to public and private enterprises.

Founded in 2003, Intelligent Pathways has built an enviable reputation for solving complex technical problems and delivering impactful solutions across a diverse range of industries including aviation, construction, education, financial services, manufacturing, not-for-profit, health, and government.

With over 60 professionals working across Australia, our team brings decades of experience in strategy and innovation, architecture and design, implementation and delivery. The Intelligent Pathways team are extremely passionate about applying Integrated Thinking to ensure the practical application of technology aligns to strategic outcomes with high-quality results. We have an in-depth knowledge of integration and automation technologies and are experts in the design and implementation of API-led solutions.

Intelligent Pathways focuses on building long-term relationships with clients and suppliers to continuously identify new ways of overcoming challenges and find better ways of working.

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