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Process Automation

Are you ready to take advantage of the next generation of automation technologies?

For many years businesses have been trying to streamline and improve business processes with heavyweight BPM (Business Process Management) solutions. These solutions did not often yield the outcomes organisations were hoping for due to poor user engagement and lengthy development periods. The new wave of technologies in BPM, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) has changed all of this and is driving the next generation of automation.

Today process efficiency is about much more than getting rid of paper forms or reducing manual tasks. Process automation and intelligent technologies are enabling businesses to create competitive advantage and grow revenue through better customer experience from personalisation, self-service and visibility and significantly improved internal productivity.

Organisations are required to take a strategic approach to build an eco-system for Intelligent Process Automation through a number of approaches and platforms. However, faced with multiple automation approaches to choose from it’s easy for decision-makers to feel overwhelmed. This is especially true when these technologies seem to overlap. Two automation strategies that often create uncertainty are Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Business Process Management (BPM). While these terms sound similar, they actually describe two different – yet highly compatible – aspects of the automation ecosystem.

Intelligent Pathways help businesses solve process automation challenges from a holistic perspective. Whether you are trying to improve customer experience, achieve internal efficiencies by automating repetitive and mundane tasks or automate legacy systems integration, we can help with implementation strategy, identifying suitable technology platforms for BPM and RPA, capability and process analysis and delivery services.

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Our Process Automation Services:


  • Business Case Support
  • Use Case Assessment
  • Proof-of-Concept (POC)
  • Centre for Enablement activities


  • Platform Implementation
  • Development Services
  • Knowledge Transfer


  • Health Check
  • Best Practice Setup
  • Remediation Services