AWS Partnership

Our AWS Capabilities

Intelligent Pathways partner with AWS for various capabilities within our services. As a huge, evolving ecosystem of powerful technology, AWS allows us access to a huge variety of capabilities, as well as strong frameworks and tools around the functionalities that matter to our clients. At IP we specialise in three major areas on AWS: Well-Architected Solution Design, Accelerating Cloud Enablement, and Enterprise Integration.

Well-Architected Solution Design

At Intelligent Pathways, we specialise in cloud native and hybrid solution architecture that can handle changing needs and scaling requirements. We don’t just deliver an application: we develop fit-for-purpose technical architecture and functional design of the software in line with AWS best practice for service utilisation. 

We focus on delivering well-architected solutions that optimise cost structures both at inception and at scale, ensuring secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for enterprise business applications. We do this by leveraging microservices patterns through serverless and containerised design. 

As part of this process, we leverage the AWS Well Architected Framework to align priorities. To enquire about a free Well Architected Review and how we can help scale your cloud solutions on AWS, contact us below. 

Accelerating Cloud Enablement

When businesses decide to make the move to cloud, they need fast and effective results in the areas that matter. We help ground product visions in foundational AWS Cloud Services, establishing core technology quickly to allow for scale and accelerated progress. We also place focus on reuse and automation to capture value and minimise costs at inception and over time. 

We have identified three core areas that have proven to be most fundamental in establishing a cloud platform: DevOps, Identity, and Analytics. 

  • DevOps: We work to establish one-click deployment utilising Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD). As Devops is not a product but a way of working, we work collaboratively to mature the capability.
  • Identity: We establish Identity and Access Management (IAM) to securely manage identities, resources and permissions at scale. We enable seamless compatibility for modern (SSO) and traditional (Active Directory) connectivity.
  • Analytics: We establish lightweight analytics to not only build visibility of system performance, but to start generating insights from your data to drive decision-making on service development and customer engagement 

Instead of focussing purely on execution, we value product outcomes as well as educating clients on how cloud services can expand their product vision even further. 

Enterprise Integration

Organisations are increasingly investing in ‘best of breed’ SaaS and similar technologies to deliver on their domain specific initiatives. Their challenge very quickly becomes to seamlessly integrate these products into their technology ecosystem to fulfill their potential of improved data access, better process efficiency, and the creation of new service assets.

A single integration platform can at times be restrictive when having to accommodate the multiple integration patterns on offer, and the ever expanding requirements placed on integration such as workflow and persistence. 

Intelligent Pathways leverage our deep integration experience to take an ecosystem approach using the AWS product suite that can deliver end-to-end integration solutions or complement other integration platforms. This suite has highly flexible and responsive services in the areas of: 

  • Messaging
  • Workflows
  • APIs 
  • Event-driven integration

We have developed proven methodologies and use case patterns from our extensive experience across the HCM, CRM and ERP solution domains. These include Workday, Aurion Payroll, Peoplesoft, Salesforce, Netsuite, and Dynamics CRM.

Whilst our focus is to support clients to build their internal capability through this process, Intelligent Pathways can provide an Integration Managed Service to ensure the ongoing high performance of the integration function. Get in touch here to discuss.

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