Eden Suite

Carbon Management Software

Environmental Data Management and Reporting Solution

Eden Suite is a powerful web-based solution for all your environmental data and reporting needs including: data management, monitoring, analysis and reporting.

Flexible organisational management

Eden Suite has a comprehensive capability to structure your organisational and asset hierarchies that best align to your reporting needs. It allows you to configure asset and organisational hierarchies against which your data will be captured and reported. The structure can be modified as legislative and organisation requirements evolve.

Streamlined data collection

Eden Suite’s data exchange network facilitates the flow of environmental data from all points of your supply chain. This robust ‘portal of information’ allows your data to be presented and used in a number of different ways to support the varying requirements of internal and external stakeholders.

Measure and manage any important activities

Eden Suite enables you to track all necessary activities to report and monitor your carbon and broader environmental footprint such as your energy produced and consumed, water usage, waste management, transport, paper and more. It can also be used to track your broader Corporate Social Responsibility measures.

Comply to reporting requirements

Whether you are required to report your environmental impact legally or choose to do so voluntarily, Eden Suite has a range of reporting structures to meet your needs. Eden Suite maintains all emissions factors to ensure accurate CO2e management. Standard reports are available to meet NGER, NABERS, NCOS and CDP.

Relevant to your business
David Batkin
Executive General Manager, Product Strategy
““We found the Eden Suite team from day one very knowledgeable on the topic. Environmental reporting is somewhat new to us from a software perspective, and so being able to talk to people that had been doing it for a number of years across other industries was hugely beneficial. We also found the Eden Suite team very easy to deal with, they moved at a very fast pace and think the same way we do so we found the cultural fit to be very very good.””

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