Cloud Enablement

The promise of cloud-based technology in helping businesses to transform their operations and customer relationships is significant. However, cloud enablement is an incredibly fast-paced environment that requires both innovations and controls to manage cost, speed, security and scaling. Managing your cloud environment can be a time-consuming distraction from an organisation’s core business.

Intelligent Pathways offers a range of cloud enablement services that are optimised for high performance and reliability. Our services provide you with the necessary scaling, performance, security and robustness that support you at the different stages of your cloud journey. Our services are in three core areas:


Building and configuring new cloud infrastructure to:

  • Mitigate on-premise systems onto cloud
  • Enable new technology capacity and services
  • Application Management for IP Built solutions
  • Managed services for fundamental cloud platforms – integration, business process and low code development platforms
  • Managed AWS Service

Improving governance and performance through:

  • Platform health assessments
  • Well architectured reviews
  • C4Es/ CoEs

Our AWS Capabilities

We partner with AWS to deliver cloud solutions utilising their huge ecosystem of tools, technologies and best practice frameworks. Our expertise in AWS is formed around three core areas: Well Architected Solution Design, Accelerating Cloud Enablement, and Enterprise Integration.

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