Airline Crew Management Software

Cabin and Ground Crew Airline Management Software

In the highly competitive aviation industry, customer loyalty and providing value is critical to an airline’s continued success. Intelligent Pathways has developed Jetstream, an airline crew management software mobile solution that enables rapid guest recognition, fast customer recovery and electronic operational reporting in the air.


Cabin, Forms and Ground


Jetstream Cabin

Jetstream Cabin integrates with reservation and departure systems, operations and crewing systems, as well as CRM, to bring current data into the cabin. Jetstream Cabin enables electronic capture of passenger and operations data in the air and sends this back to ground systems on completion of the flight.


Jetstream Forms

Jetstream Forms enables users to gather and share data via an electronic form on a mobile device. Completed forms are submitted back to the airline for operational reporting.


Jetstream Ground

Jetstream Ground is a mobile application used by staff within the airport. It provides users with real-time flight and passenger information at the kerbside, lounge, check-in and gate.


Increase passenger satisfaction and streamline operational activities

Increase passenger satisfaction and streamline operational activities with Intelligent Pathway’s Airline Management Software, Jetstream by delivering current data to cabin crew and ground staff.

Available on iPad and iPhone, the application enables airlines to personalize each passenger’s flight experience, whether it be giving a personal welcome onboard, solving issues on the ground such as flight delays, or capturing valued preferences to enhance their journey. Jetstream also features passenger mapping by the seat for all aircraft types and layouts.


Streamlined Systems

Jetstream has five core areas of functionality that connect via the ground server to selected airline systems to support individualized passenger engagement and drive operational efficiency.


Integrates data from airline CRM, reservations, departures, operations and crew systems, for easy guest recognition and service recovery for cabin crew. The Cabin module also captures passenger preferences, feedback and operational data while in the air, which is then synced with ground systems.


Enables crew and staff to gather and share data on their mobile devices. Completed forms are then submitted back to the airline for fast, efficient reporting on issues such as cabin defects, crew performance and passenger export.


Provides airport ground staff with real-time information on passengers while they’re at the lounge, check-in or the gate, and enables staff to input data which is then passed through to cabin crew.


Provides access to electronic flight context-aware documents, manuals and other files.


Enables flight context-aware messaging between cabin crew, ground staff and head office.