APIs & Integration
Experts in API-led Connectivity and Integration

Intelligent Pathways are experts in API-led Connectivity and Integration technologies. We take an agnostic approach to develop API integration strategy but have deep expertise with our Partner technologies.

At the heart of our approach is aligning technology with business objectives. Whether it be monetizing through APIs, enabling mobility, responding in real-time to events or accelerating a product’s time-to-value, we will develop a solution that ensures your business succeeds now, and in the future.

Our APIs and Integration Deployment Models:

  • On-Premise Integration – We leverage market leading vendor solutions to integrate systems for complex, mission-critical projects in your environment. Our application of industry standards and best practice design principles ensures successful implementation.
  • Cloud Integration – Where cloud-based applications can be adopted to accelerate and expand business capability we utilise Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solutions for maximum scalability and lower expenditure.
  • Hybrid Integration – Where legacy and SaaS applications need to interact we can employ a combination of on-premise and cloud integration technology that provides agility whilst maximising your existing investment.

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