Delivering Modern Integration Capability

Intelligent Pathways are experts in enterprise systems integration to connect systems, drive data flow and streamline process automation. We take a technology independent approach to integration strategy and have deep architectural and delivery expertise with our Partner technologies.

At the heart of our approach is aligning technology with business objectives. Whether it be facilitating modernisation through SaS ERP implementations, monetizing through APIs, enabling mobility, responding in real-time to events or accelerating a product’s time-to-value, we will develop a solution that ensures your business succeeds now, and into the future.

Our Services


We work with you to build and implement a Integration Strategy aligned to the broader business objectives

  • Structured workshops 
  • Current State Maturity assessment covering People, Process, Technology & Culture
  • Future State Maturity aligned to business goals, skills and environment
  • Prioritised Integration Roadmap



We build and deliver integration platforms,  ecosystems and solutions

  • Establish Platform Components
  • Build Integration flows / APIs / Microservices
  • Establish DevOps Pipelines
  • Establish monitoring and control mechanisms

Architecture & Design

We architect and design the technology ecosystem that services the different integration use cases and user personas

  • Integration Pattern & Components Design (eg APIs, RPA, ETL, Star schema)
  • Technology Assessment
  • Reference architecture
  • Detailed solution design for Core Application (ERP) Modernisation
  • Operating Model design
  • DevOps, Governance and Security by design

Services & Support

We partner with you to deliver strategic and executional uplift in support of your long term goals

  • Continuous improvement assessments: ongoing measurement of organisational progress towards target state
  • Integration Development 
  • DevOps Managed Services

Solving Problems for

Key Integration Projects:

ERP/Apps Integrations


API Enablement

B2B Integration

Data & Integration Unification

Foundational Capability Uplift:

Integration Capability Strategy

Platform Enablement/ Modernisation

Integration Centre for Enablement (C4E)

Integration Capability Optimisation

Technology Expertise

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Solving an integration use case?

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Insights & Case Studies

Integration Partner

Thiess is a construction, mining and services contractor with diverse operations and services, including mining, civil, building, rail, services and tunnelling, throughout Australia and selected international markets.

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