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For those not in the know, our Chief Commercial Officer Simon is a Richmond🐯 fan who is always armed with intriguing insights – for the tech world and beyond. Check some of them out below:

1. What app or gadget could you not live without? 

I have to say I get tremendous enjoyment from Shazam. Being able to capture songs I hear on the radio, in shops, at events, then accessing the artist’s full album is an excellent way to discover new music, and forgotten classics.

2. What do you think is the next big tech trend?
There’s so much more to go and grow in the current tech trends to get too hung up about the next tech trend. In our space alone automation, analytics and data intelligence still have so many more opportunities and problems to solve. But if I was to crystal ball it, I think there’s something in how the Consumer Data Right in Australia will open up some really interesting technology services to support how consumers share and manage their data, to the extent of some form of data chain of custody.

3. What topic is overrated in the tech industry right now?
It might be controversial, but I’ll say the Citizen Developer. I think there’s some big assumptions and possible misplaced expectations on a ’non-developer’s’ capacity, interest and skill in getting this right.

4. What’s something you are learning about, or find intriguing at the moment?
The siloing of personal information feeds. We’re seeing greater community division as a consequence of people accessing and consuming information that only supports or reinforces their view or preference. It’s a challenge to ‘curate your feed’ to get factual content without losing the ability to understand why other viewpoints are formed.

5. Biggest learning you’ve had in the last 12 months?
I’ve learned a lot through my leadership coaches, with a particular focus on shifting your perspective, breaking from living in the assessments of others, and in a time where ambition might seem like an alien concept, shift to a mood of wonder to see what unfolds.

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