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Welcome Back Kate!

Intelligent Pathways this month welcomes back one of its valued employees from parental leave- Kate Tsang. After 8 months off to have her second child, Kate has stepped back into the (home) office, not only as a new mother, but also to take on a new role as Business Development & Marketing Manager.

Kate has been an integral part of the IP team for a decade, working often as the face of IP to our clients as Marketing Manager. Despite the professional challenges that can face women in motherhood, Kate says she is feeling ‘energised’ and is excited to be expanding her role into other areas of the business.

Kate’s promotion into the Business Development side of things has also allowed IP the opportunity to hire a graduate as Marketing and Communications Coordinator. In a time of great uncertainty, we’re extremely pleased to be expanding the marketing and commercial team, and can’t wait to see what the future brings with these two ladies!

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Dominique Robinson
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
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