Environmental Data and Reporting Software

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Environmental Data and Reporting Software

With an increase in environmental and sustainability reporting requirements, RPMGlobal identified a gap in emissions reporting capability within the mining industry. The organisation wanted a solution which streamlined and digitised data in an effective, accurate and timely way. RPM selected Intelligent Pathways’ product Eden Suite to roll out to its client base for its broad and flexible data reporting capability, allowing users within the mining industry to proactively measure and manage their carbon emissions.

“I think our teams, we are very like minded, the two companies. Your team is very approachable in terms of sharing information, very responsive – we tend to move at a fairly fast pace. And so having a company that’s able to move at a similar pace to us was important.”

– David Batkin, Executive General Manager, Product Strategy

Client Overview

RPMGlobal is a consulting and advisory, training and software solution provider to the global mining industry. The company offers efficient, safe and sustainable solutions to some of the most complex hurdles faced within mining operations. RPM specifically focuses on delivering mining productivity with innovative service offerings and technology enablement. They strive to manage and reduce risk, and provide advanced software solutions to meet progressing consumer and industry expectations surrounding zero-carbon.

Engagement Drivers

There has been a major change in the mining industry in recent years with environmental risk escalating in criticality for mining CEO’s, most recently rated as the No. 1 risk in KPMG’s Global Mining Outlook 2022. RPMGlobal identified there was a need for a software solution that would enable their mining clients to produce rigorous and accurate environmental reports to demonstrate sustainable practice and manage business risk. 

Data quality had been recognised as a major challenge for producing reports as their clients had been using Excel spreadsheets and were spending extensive time on administration tasks that left room for error. Data was difficult to collate and not at the level of granularity that was required.

Due to the time sensitivity around decarbonisation and the lack of environmental reporting software available within the mining industry, RPM decided to source readily available software, already proven within other industries as an effective data reporting solution.


RPMGlobal selected Eden Suite as their environmental data management and reporting solution due to the highly flexible data management it offers, its SaaS (Software as a Service) architecture and also because of Eden Suite’s proven track record with a range of organisations including government departments and large private enterprises.

Eden Suite streamlines the collection of environmental data from a supply chain, collates, compares and analyses  statistics ready for reporting needs. It will assist with improving data management, monitoring emissions, carbon performance analysis and reporting to meet both industry standard and organisation specific requirements. The reduced time gathering data and the ability to transform raw data into actionable and relevant information is essential within mining’s technical discipline. 


RPMGlobal have implemented Eden Suite internally ahead of taking it to market, enabling the business to understand their own profile and get a better understanding of where reporting inefficiencies may arise. Experiencing the product first hand, they are able to demonstrate to their clients how it works and assist in implementing the technology. Eden Suite will first combat Australia-centric reporting, before rolling out globally.

The flexibility of the solution is also enabling RPMGlobal to broaden its application by tracking other critical mining environmental reporting requirements such as the National Pollutant Inventory (NPI).

As their clients begin to implement Eden Suite, RPM expects to see significantly streamlined and integrated processes within their environmental data reporting. To date emissions reporting has been a retrospective exercise, however the ability to capture data almost real-time and forecast future emission levels against their targets allows clients to adjust and reduce carbon emissions where they are higher than expected on site. 

“I think in terms of opportunities that we have with this tool; it gives us the ability to really get into some fine level data. We’re looking at that combination with our existing product suite – we can get down to shift level data and see if it’s a shift of trucks going rogue, drivers that need re-education to bring it back in line, and is that an opportunity to reduce emissions. So we can actually start getting into not only forecasting, but that diagnostics ability of pinpointing where the issues are and getting in front of those issues… (Eden Suite) gives confidence to everyone in the organisation that the data is rigorous… who put it in, where did it come from, what got fixed.”

– Ngaire Tranter, General Manager, RPM ESG

Eden Suite Value

The Eden Suite team has created a strong working relationship with RPMGlobal, due to the effective and efficient communication between the two organisations. RPMGlobal knew time to market was imperative, therefore services were efficiently delivered within a 6 week timeframe. The flexibility of Eden Suite’s capability has greatly suited RPMGlobal to accommodate their range of stakeholders. The Eden Suite team will continue to work with RPMGlobal while the solution is extended within their client base.

“We found the Eden Suite team from day one very knowledgeable on the topic. Environmental reporting is somewhat new to us from a software perspective, and so being able to talk to people that had been doing it for a number of years across other industries was hugely beneficial. We also found the Eden Suite team very easy to deal with, they moved at a very fast pace and think the same way we do so we found the cultural fit to be very very good.”

–  David Batkin, Executive General Manager, Product Strategy