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Integration Platform for Business Improvement Program

Multicap has a strategic focus on growing their organisation and significantly expanding the services they provide to their clients. An uplift in technology was required to support a broader Business Improvement Program (BIP). Intelligent Pathways architected and delivered the integration solution to support the first key initiative of the BIP, Enquiry to Convert, that will streamline the enquiry to onboarding process, eliminate complex tracking spreadsheets and develop a schedule of support, identify and recover appropriate funding with minimal errors and double handling.

We needed to work with a partner like Intelligent Pathways who had the specialist expertise to help us take a contemporary approach but who would also roll up their sleeves and work alongside us to achieve an outcome.” 

~ Jo Metcalfe, EGM Business Improvement & Strategy Execution

Client Overview

Multicap is an Australian Not-for-Profit organisation that provides high needs disability support to individuals of all ages. Founded in 1962, Multicap now supports more than 1700 families across Queensland and New South Wales, working across various services including housing, community & lifestyle, and work readiness & employment.

‘I think Intelligent Pathways have some of the smartest, most talented people in the sector that I’ve worked with. They also have very diverse experience with technologies, and that was something we needed at Multicap.’ ~ Akash Sethi, Senior Business Analyst, Multicap

Engagement Drivers

Multicap has a strategic focus on growing their organisation and significantly expanding services they provide to their clients. In support of this Multicap is running a Business Improvement Program (BIP) over several years, with an uplift in technology being recognised as a key enabler for the success of the BIP.

Multicap relies heavily on spreadsheets for data capture, with large amounts of manual and duplicate data entry into systems. Data can be unreliable, incomplete, and difficult to aggregate and report on, meaning visibility on operations is not optimum, senior leaders have minimum data to support key business decisions, and marketing and communications with customers is not easily personalised.

The first step in the BIP was the Enquiry to Convert (E2C) initiative. This project involved the implementation of a new CRM system, to integrate with the existing care management and customer scheduling system. Introducing E2C would improve the efficiency and experience of the enquiry and onboarding process for customers, allowing the care management solution to continue to manage customer services.

Intelligent Pathways was engaged first to design the integration platform which was scalable for Multicap’s broader BIP, and secondly to build the integration capability to enable the E2C initiative. This integration capability would link together the new CRM system, the existing care management system and NDIS system, enabling data to flow between these applications as the customer moves through the enquiry and onboarding journey. The integration would also serve as an enabling platform for further integration needs throughout Multicap’s digital transformation.


In designing the integration platform for Multicap, Intelligent Pathways adhered to a number of key requirements. Firstly, the integration solution needed to be cost effective to implement and scale with the business as it grows. The integration solution also needed to be cost efficient and give Multicap the flexibility to swap out systems as and when their needs change.

“We relied on Intelligent Pathways’ expertise on coming up with a solution that was flexible, scalable and system agnostic, so it didn’t really matter which systems we had going into the future.” ~ Akash Sethi

Intelligent Pathways worked with the Multicap team to build the integration capability for the E2C initiative using Microsoft Azure Integration Services. This event-driven, API-led integration enables real-time data transfer between the new CRM and the NDIS, reducing manual error and the chance of issues during the customer onboarding process. Once the customer’s Schedule of Service (SOS) has been approved the data is pushed through automatically to the care management system for administration. With the new integration capability in place, the onboarding process operates efficiently, reducing the time and effort new customers must put in and allowing them to access the services they need sooner. The new integration capability also makes it easy and fast for Multicap to change enterprise systems, view customer and product flows and data, and roll out new processes that reuse the events and/or APIs.


The E2C initiative was successfully rolled out on time and on budget, with positive employee feedback on the ease of the new process within the first week. The organisation is seeing a significant improvement in data quality, as well as a reduction of double handling of data. Customers are now able to move much more quickly through the enquiry and onboarding process, accessing the support they need sooner and with less effort. The existing integration platform will enable further integration needs as Multicap moves forward in their technology overhaul.

Intelligent Pathways Value

Because Multicap knew they were at the beginning of their digital transformation journey, they looked to invest in a consulting partner who would not only deliver on technical aspects but work with the business long term on solving its technology challenges. Intelligent Pathways worked closely with Multicap to determine the business’ needs balanced against their context, culture and technological maturity; the strong relationship formed between the consulting team and the internal business transformation team was key to the successful delivery of the solution.

“We wanted to go with an organisation that was willing to have a longer-term relationship and partner with us on our journey, because we know we’re not going to do everything in the first 12 months, we’ve got a long way to go.” ~ Jo Metcalfe