Strategy and Architecture
Integration Strategy Consulting

Client Overview

The Client is a large Australian University with over 40,000 current students.

Engagement Driver

The University wanted to enhance their integration capability to meet increasing demand for integrated data and process services and to support a future move towards cloud or externally hosted services. 

Intelligent Pathways Value

The University engaged Intelligent Pathways to develop documentation deliverables to assist in the design of an Integration Management Office (IMO). The engagement was split into three areas: governance model, maturity model and assessment of maturity level, roadmap and implementation plan. It involved extensive Business and IT stakeholder engagement.


Two major documents, an IMO design document and an IMO implementation document, were delivered by Intelligent Pathways. These documents assessed existing integration maturity level, identified a target initial and final maturity state, defined an integration and technology roadmap and developed a staged implementation plan which specified the required actions, integration capabilities, resources, processes and technologies. An integration platform was procured and implemented on the basis of our recommendations.

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