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Career Transition Application

Client Overview

Hudson provide talent solutions across Asia Pacific. They help organisations across all stages of the employee lifecycle: attracting, selecting, developing and transitioning talent.

Engagement Driver

Hudson offers a Career Transition service that assists candidates during redundancy or other employment-ending events with career coaching and tasks such as updating their resume and interview preparation. This service had previously been managed via manual communication (spreadsheets, email and phone) and a licensed third-party system. To improve user experience, ease administrative burden and reduce costs, Hudson wanted to build a fit-for-purpose Career Transition Application. 

Hudson’s Talent Management Product Owner Salih Mujcic said “Career Transition or Outplacement is not an area of HR that typically receives a lot of attention or coverage. Our goal was to completely disrupt this industry and leverage technology to help augment and support our talent management expertise that we’re renowned for.” 


Hudson aim to provide program experiences that are completely device agnostic and allow job seekers to consume content in a way that makes sense to them. To facilitate this core principle and continue the execution of their cloud strategy, the application was built using React on top of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Amplify platform. 

AWS Amplify enables ready interaction and provision of a number of AWS services and resources. These services include:

  • Amplify Console to host and deploy this 100% serverless application.
  • Cognito for authentication with the application, connected back to Active Directory via Auth0, this can and has been reused for other solutions in the organisation.
  • AppSync to create APIs to source, manipulate and combine data sources, predominantly using DynamoDB.
  • Lambda and Step Functions for workflow orchestrations of long running, multiflow events.
  • AWS CodeBuild and CodePipeline for all backend deployments.


“Intelligent Pathways are simply the best technical partner
to advise, guide and help support our product strategy
in using AWS.”

~Salih Mujcic, Talent Management Product Owner, Hudson


Intelligent Pathways Value

Intelligent Pathways was engaged to develop the technical architecture and functional design of the application in line with AWS best practice service utilisation. We also set up the DevOps environment and provided technical guidance and quality assurance for the remote development team through the development process.

“Intelligent Pathways was incredible from the very outset. They were able to understand the product vision from our first conversation. Their technical knowledge and ability to partner in grounding that vision in core AWS services was outstanding. They are simply the best technical partner to advise, guide and help support our product strategy in using AWS.”

~Salih Mujcic, Hudson Talent Management Product Owner.



This application has removed the need for the previous third-party system and streamlined the process of connecting candidates and coaches. Self-service functionality will be enabled for candidates in the next phase of development. 

By adopting best practice serverless architecture, the cost to run the base application is less than USD40 per month. This in turn affords the opportunity to invest in technology innovations that deliver higher value to the business, including analytics. This platform foundation has enabled the introduction of BI analytics capability using AWS QuickSight (data sourced and prepared using AWS Athena and AWS Glue). 

AWS QuickSight is providing Hudson the ability to understand product health, usage, engagement, user behaviour, as well as insights into operational management aspects such as case load or financial reporting. They are able to see data in real time and setup various permission structures to share these insights with a diverse set of users.

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