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SES Request for Assistance Mobile Solution

Client Overview

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) is the primary provider of fire and emergency services in Queensland.

Engagement Driver

The QFES call centre had been experiencing frequent caller dropout during emergency events due to congestion. They wanted to offer another channel for the public to request assistance and streamline the administration process for their internal team.

Intelligent Pathways Value

Intelligent Pathways led the design and development of a solution that enables requests for assistance in Queensland to be submitted from a mobile device or computer. The solution is available as a native application on iOS or Android and HTML5 for all other devices with dynamic dropdown lists, checkboxes, photo attachments and pre-population of address.

Intelligent Pathways then also designed a second application for the internal call centre team to improve system availability and reduce manual processes. 


The solution enables a higher quality of intelligence to be captured and dramatically reduces the time it takes for a user to log request. The internal call centre application can take 10,000+ new requests per hour while the team can also edit and delete requests. In addition, routing of requests to relevant authorities has been automated by postcode to streamline the time taken to process requests. The application has reduced the time it takes to log a request for assistance from 25 minutes to approximately 5 minutes.

The two apps are fully managed by Intelligent Pathways on AWS with 24/7 support.



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