Application Development, Cloud Enablement
Digital Service Enablement

Client Overview

The Client is a State Government charged with delivering a One-Stop Shop plan to revitalise front-line services making it easier for people to find and use hundreds of services they need in their everyday lives.

Engagement Driver

The goal was to make it simple for customers to access a bundle of services that aggregate common services which are consumed together in response to an event, with minimal effort, re-keying of information, and ability to track progress.

Intelligent Pathways Value

Intelligent Pathways was engaged to design, develop, and integrate several core technology capabilities to enable multiple government agencies to offer their services online. The required capabilities included:

  • Customer Enquiry Tracking – allows a customer to submit an enquiry and receive a tracking number to track the status of their enquiry from creation through to completion.
  • Services Directory – a centralised database/directory that contains detailed information about all government services. Web pages can connect to the database via APIs or widgets containing services data can be embedded into a web page.
  • Customer Details Management – a database that stores customer contact details. Web pages can connect to the database using APIs to display and update customer details.

As part of this engagement Intelligent Pathways also re-designed and re-built the ‘Complaints & Feedback’ and ‘Change of Address’ web pages, set up the cloud platform on AWS technology, and implemented Auth0 authentication to enable Single Sign On for customers.

Core Technologies: Java, Web, AWS