Financial Services

We have worked with many Tier 2 and Tier 3 organisations in the superannuation, insurance, banking and related services sectors. These challenger brands are leveraging the opportunity to provide digital-centric, personalised products and services that align with the aspirations and values of their customers. At the same time they must also align with seemingly competing governmental requirements around consumer protections and open data.

We have helped many clients tackle these challenges using various kinds of digital enablement. Through this experience, we have learned that integrated service offerings through third party products are critical for delivering convenience to customers. Additionally, even the simplest of customer interactions can often require complex workflows and approvals, making targeted foundational integration and process automation capabilities an invaluable tool.

In order to rapidly create and adjust digital service offerings in such a competitive market, we can also help organisations find or create a ready platform for services and data accessed by API-led connectivity, coupled with a strong management layer for audit and control.

To learn more about our experience in the financial services sector, see some of our recent projects below

Industry Super Fund

API Strategy, Design and Development

Intelligent Pathways worked with the Client to set up the foundation required to operate the integration life cycle on their chosen iPaaS platform, MuleSoft. Intelligent Pathways were also engaged to design and develop the first iteration of APIs and flows. 

Superannuation Fund

Integration Platform Implementation

Implementation of Axway Amplify API Gateway platform – Intelligent Pathways was engaged to establish the platform on the client’s infrastructure and set up core DevOps capabilities – subsequent partnering and enablement of client staff to deliver APIs.

Financial Services Management

Automate Manual and Repetitive Tasks

Intelligent Pathways is engaged to help the Client develop and implement their RPA program using UiPath and provide support and guidance as needed. Current projects involve automating banking reconciliation processes across multiple web applications, sending out daily product reports and inputting daily ASX files into multiple systems.