Kate Tsang

Business Development & Marketing Manager

Kate has been with Intelligent Pathways for a decade and is responsible for the brand and overall Marketing direction. Kate has over 10 years’ experience in B2B Marketing and has worked in both large and small organisations in Australia and the UK. Kate has worked across all elements of the marketing mix and has a keen passion for digital communication and creating and contributing to great team environments.

She oversees all external communication including the company website, marketing content and social media channels. In her Business Development role Kate focuses on account management and new business in Queensland.

Why do you like working for IP?

The work is interesting and the people are great!. We have a diverse service offering that is applicable to any industry. This means we work with lots of different organisations on projects that have a lasting impact on their business.

Like me, there are a number of people who have worked at IP for a long time which says something about the company. It’s an inclusive culture and everyone gets on really well.

Most interesting project?

There have been a few. Our Aviation product Jetstream was an exciting project to work on as it was one of the first mobile solutions available for cabin crew to use on aircraft and really changed customer and crew experience.

I’m also really loving the Automation projects I’m working on now with a range of different businesses. These solutions make such a difference to how businesses operate and can really improve employee engagement by reducing the need for them to perform menial admin tasks over and over again.

What is your way of working/quote?

“Collaboration and continual learning are key to successful outcomes.”