Kevin Henshall

Principal Consultant - Automation

Kevin is an Integration and Automation Consultant with over 12 years experience.  As Intelligent Pathways’ principal Automation consultant, Kevin is highly experienced working with multiple automation technologies, including RPA tools UiPath, Microsoft Power Automate and BPM. 

Initially specialising in the design, development and integration of enterprise applications, Kevin also has in-depth knowledge of middleware and integration practices. Kevin is known for his exceptional eye for detail, and his ability to distil complex business processes into efficient and robust automated solutions. 

Kevin has worked in agile environments and is comfortable liaising with a variety of stakeholders including project managers, end users, testers and other developers.

Why do you like working for IP?

I enjoy working at IP because I have the opportunity to work on interesting and challenging projects with great people. Working in the consulting arm of the business, I get to help clients solve problems and bring about tangible benefits to their business. It is often said that the only constant is change, and this is particularly true in the technology space. Working at IP provides exposure to a large range of these technologies allowing us to select the most appropriate combinations to create the best possible solutions.

Most interesting project?

If I had to pick one, it would be the UQ Business Process Digitisation project. IP led this project from inception and involved us working closely with various areas of UQ to first digitise and then streamline the processing of numerous business processes which were previously paper based. The project brought about significant improvements in terms of the end user experience (for both students and staff) and processing efficiencies allowing student and staff requests to be processed faster in addition to providing auditing and governance of the processes.

What is your way of working/quote?

My favourite quote is ‘Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.’ – Leonardo da Vinci. As I mentioned above, everything is constantly changing and we should not see change as a problem but rather as another opportunity to learn.