Thomas Thomas

Consultant - Integration & Automation

Thomas is a Solution Architect with over 15 years’ IT experience working in Australia as well as internationally. Thomas has in depth knowledge of integration technologies and specialises in the design and implementation of Event Driven & API-led solutions.

Thomas has a reputation for forging excellent collaboration on projects, and believes that a shared understanding of the problem space and collaboration are some of the key attributes for delivering successful products. His specialties include: Serverless/Microservices, API/Events, CQRS/ES, Event Modeling/Event Storming, Distributed Architecture, Domain Driven Design, Behaviour & Data Driven Development, and CI/CD.

Why do you like working for IP?

I like that at IP you are encouraged to solve real business problems, rather than just implement technology. I also value the way we have a chance to build strong relationships in our engagements with Clients and really see the long term value there.

Most interesting project?

My current project, which is a series of initiatives designed to streamline the process of bringing shipments to dock at a Freight carrier. It’s a fantastic project as it’s about bringing end-to-end transformation to a really age old process. It’s bringing huge benefits to the client in terms of customer satisfaction and visibility, and it’s exciting to be a part of that.

What is your way of working/quote?

Context is key to discussion. I’m a big promoter of the Event Modeling approach, which is about making sure you’re all on the same page before discussing or brainstorming for solution design.