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MarTech (Marketing Technology) has been around for some time, often operating within silos or as ‘shadow IT’ by the Marketing team. But an increasing focus on personalisation and being ‘data-driven’ for competitive advantage has seen the need for Martech to be treated like other core business applications. 

Intelligent Pathways has worked on several Customer Experience (CX) transformation engagements in the last few years that have the overarching goal of improving the customer acquisition process. Customer acquisition as a lifecycle or business process requires a number of systems or technologies (MarTech) to operate together cohesively, a complex undertaking for systems that have traditionally operated as a singular system with little to no integration. 

There is also a huge number of technologies and approaches available in the customer acquisition space and not always a clear path as to how these CRM, Marketing Automation and Digital Experience platforms will integrate into enterprise systems to enable customer service fulfilment. 

We work with organisations from top to bottom, setting up their CX programs for success with right-fit technology selection, solution architecture, integration design, system and data mapping and data modelling. Or bottom to top approach.

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Good system and data mapping is essential in Customer Acquisition to enable core marketing activities such as:


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