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Cabin crew mobile solution that improves passenger experience and streamlines operational efficiency for airlines.

In the highly competitive aviation industry, customer loyalty and value add services are critical to an airline’s continued success. Intelligent Pathways has developed Jetstream, a mobile solution that enables rapid guest recognition, fast customer recovery and electronic operational reporting in the air.

Jetstream has three applications, Cabin, Forms and Ground, which connect to the Jetstream Ground Server.

Jetstream Cabin integrates with reservation and departure systems, as well as CRM, operations and crewing systems to bring current data into the cabin. Jetstream Cabin enables electronic capture of passenger and operations data in the air, and sends this back to ground systems on completion of the flight.

Jetstream Forms enables users to gather and share data via an electronic form on a mobile device. Completed forms are submitted back to the airline for operational reporting.

Jetstream Ground is a mobile application used by staff within the airport. It provides users with real time flight and passenger information at the kerb side, lounge, check-in and gate.

Hear how Jetstream (RED) is helping the team at Qantas

How Jetstream works:


  • The crew downloads their flight to the device;
  • Applicable flight data including manifest, passenger profile, crew, defects and notes are loaded from the airline ground systems;
  • This data is stored on the device database.


  • The crew accesses the stored data on the mobile device;
  • The crew captures data about passengers, operations or defects during the flight on the device;
  • This data is stored on the device database.


  • The crew synchronises the device with the Jetstream Ground server.
  • All data recorded in-flight including loyalty sign-ups, passenger notes, feedback, defects and reports are transferred back to the ground server and stored.
  • This data is then published to the relevant airline systems via web service, file transfer or database operations.