Health & Care Services

Health & Care Services encompasses Health Care, Aged Care, Disability and Not For Profit Services sectors. Each of these sectors is currently being disrupted by a number of external factors, including governance legislation and dramatically different revenue models. 

The customer’s service needs now need to be structurally central in an organisation. We have learned that this conversely requires a decentralised approach to service delivery, empowering frontline staff digitally to deliver services efficiently and make data-driven decisions. Data privacy and integrity remain paramount, as we have learned through our development of a patient care mobile solution.

As sectors traditionally focused on investing in physical assets for service delivery, our role is to help provide pragmatic and targeted investments in maturing digital capability. These can be both through targeted enablement of foundational technology capabilities like integration and process automation, or tailored solutions that support frontline staff to deliver personalised support to their clients.

To learn more about our experience in the Health and Care Services Sector, see some of our projects below. 


Integration Platform for Business Improvement

Multicap required an uplift in technology to support a broader Business Improvement Program (BIP). Intelligent Pathways architected and delivered an integration solution to  streamline the enquiry to onboarding process, and develop a schedule of support and eliminate complex tracking spreadsheets.

The Clontarf Foundation

Student Information Management System

Clontarf needed improved data and visibility across the organisation. Intelligent Pathways designed and developed CIMS, a custom web-based enterprise application that enables Clontarf to gather and store data, present information in meaningful reports, provide visibility into program success and enable decision making. 

Emergency Services Business

Paitent Care Mobile Solution

Intelligent Pathways designed, developed, and provide support for a Patient Care Mobile Solution, which enables paramedics to capture important on-scene  data via an electronic ambulance report form; information is then transferred to hospitals or other healthcare providers.